I help companies and Femtech startups figure out their Business Development and Corporate relations strategy, as well as building an innovative and inclusive culture within.

Business Development & Corporate Relations

Business Development​ Strategy

  • Who is your core customer? Is your client your end-user?

  • Where are they? How can you reach them?

  • What’s the cadence of the deal cycle?

  • What are the barriers?

  • What are your buyer’s concerns and motivations?


Corporate and Institutional Relations

  • Who are your key stakeholders?

  • How do they interact with one another, and what’s the relationship to your business/product?

  • What do they care about?


Corporate Workshops


Health and Wellness are top priorities for the modern woman. Fertility, maternity, activity, and movement. We have an opportunity to be the guides of our health journey.


If your organization wants to support the health needs and concerns of female talent, we offer the following solutions:


  • Lunch and Learns

  • HH workshops for corporate events

  • Health Fairs

Some previous clients

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