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Technology Meets Sex To Solve Some Of The Most Pressing Concerns Of Our Times

NYC’s SexTech Hackathon gathered 100 participants and top industry leaders to problem-solve some of today’s biggest social challenges through innovation.

Can technology help prevent sexual harassment?

How will AI, VR and Robotics impact our sex lives?

How does porn play a role in relationships?

Why do 33 percent of women experience painful sex?

How can sex toys improve the sexual experience of marginalized populations?

We have big questions to answer. The Future of Sex (FOS), an organization founded and led by Bryony Cole, is the leading sextech platform catalyzing immersive events, innovative labs and media. Cole’s mission is to create a platform where talent can meet up to apply innovation and tech to solve critical social concerns of today, research the role of cutting-edge technology in our relationships and sex lives, and drive the future of human sexual experience.

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